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About Us

Kingsley Healthcare & Social Services LLC is an established provider of high-quality services for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities. With our experience and expertise in this field, we aim to provide the care and support that our clients need, and to improve their lives for the better.

Located in Peoria, AZ, we serve the local community and neighboring areas. At Kingsley Healthcare & Social Services LLC, we open our doors for everyone who needs our services regardless of their gender, disability, sexual orientation, color, race, nationality, religion, veteran status, marital status, or creed.

The mission and vision of Kingsley Healthcare & Social Services LLC

Mission. It is our mission to make a positive change in the lives of our clients with cognitive and developmental disabilities. We aim to achieve this through our superior quality services and unwavering dedication to their safety and welfare.

Vision. To become a recognized provider of services for disabled individuals in Arizona. We also seek to be an employer of choice for those who wish to work in this industry.

To learn more about what we do and how we can help you, please contact us at 602-400-2604 for assistance.