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We encourage you to explore the many day programs and services available at Kingsley Healthcare & Social Services LLC. Please note that our programs can be tailored according to your specific needs and care requirements. Moreover, we are proud to say that our services and programs are all delivered by qualified and compassionate professionals who are all dedicated to meeting your needs.

With that said, our services include:

  • Day Treatment and Training – Adult (DTA)
    Our Day Treatment and Training Program provides disabled adults with the opportunity to learn something new every day. We provide training and activities such as arts and crafts, social skills, computer training, safety skills, daily living skills, and more.
  • Day Treatment and Training – Children Summer (DTS)
    Similar to our Day Treatment and Training Program – Adult, our DTS program for children are designed to provide them with fun learning activities during their summer vacation. These activities are age-appropriate, safe, and designed to provide them with new skills and knowledge every day.
  • Day Treatment and Training – Children After School (DTT)
    Learning doesn’t stop after the school bell rings. We provide our DTT program and activities to expand a child’s skills and learning. These activities are provided after school, and they are designed to expound what a child learns during their classroom lessons.
  • Attendant Care
    We have diligent staff members who can provide Attendant Care services for our clients. Under their care, they will ensure that our clients remain safe, comfortable, and that their needs are being met.
  • Habilitation Service – Support
    We provide rehabilitative teachings, and also community and safety skills for our clients.
  • Respite Care Hourly and Daily
    With our services, we provide family caregivers of disabled individuals with the opportunity to take a break. They can either take the time to rest, take care of their other responsibilities, or take a vacation.
  • Respiratory Therapy
    We have qualified respiratory therapists who can evaluate, care for, and treat our clients with breathing disorders.
  • Transportation
    We provide convenient and safe transportation services for our clients. We have accessible vehicles which can be beneficial for our clients with wheelchairs and other walking aids.
  • Work Programs
    We offer work programs that are designed to provide persons with disabilities with an opportunity to develop and enhance their skills.
  • Group Homes (coming soon)…

Other Program and Service Information

At Kingsley Healthcare & Social Services LLC, we are proud to say that our services and programs are:

  • Individualized
  • Extremely active and goal-based
  • Emphasized on socialization, recreation, and communication
  • Focused on adaptive, independence, and self-help
  • Focused on life skills and 21st Century decision-making
  • Composed of indoor and outdoor activities
  • Composed of basic computer training and employment activities
  • Fun-filled daily activities such as arts, crafts, cooking, Xbox, Play Stations, Wii, videos, and computer games
  • Comfortable and homely

Please contact us at 602-400-2604 if you wish to learn more about our programs and services. To personally speak with one of our representatives, we encourage you to Set An Appointment now.